​My whole life I felt like I was always alone, with no one to run to, rely on, or even ask for help. Many days I was existing and not even living. It came to the point where I was homeless for two weeks, parked behind a hotel with everything I owned in my truck with my dog. I wanted to give up on life day in and day out.

To pass the time, I would watch YouTube videos to clear my mind. While I was looking for something to watch, I got an ad for one of Pastor Bil’s messages and I knew it was for me. Through that week, I watched every video on the Church Unlimited YouTube channel, and it helped me realize that I’m not alone. God is guiding me. He cares about my life.

Now that I walk closely with Christ, my life perspective has completely changed. I am not insecure or alone, and I know my life has already been planned out! God has blessed me with owning not only a home, but a business too! We are created with a purpose, and I’ve finally found mine. Church Unlimited Rodd Field has become my home away from home. I’ve learned that no matter where you come from, God is still with you. Even throughout your darkest days, God is still there, walking alongside you. All you have to do is look for Him.