Once a year, we provide a special opportunity to go above and beyond in our generosity in an annual offering.

If you have never participated in a special offering, we ask you to prayerfully consider joining with us as we pave the way forward together. We are so thankful for your generosity. Church Unlimited wouldn’t be what it is without you!

As we prepare to go above and beyond in our giving, take a glimpse into what your generosity has already accomplished.

God Behind Bars
Only God can rebuild lives, so we've launched church campuses inside prisons across the state of Texas where we offer men and women dynamic live worship experiences, opportunities for recovery from addiction, resources for re-entry into society, and ongoing support after release.
Pakistan Outreach
With a population of 2.2 million, the nation of Pakistan is high-priority in spreading the message of Christ worldwide. Church Unlimited is partnering with Jordan Lewis Ministries to help bring the Gospel to Pakistan as we continue to take as many people to Heaven as we can before we die. Period.
Hunger Relief - Haiti and Guatemala
Through our partnership with Hunger Relief International, Church Unlimited supports the effort to end hunger in Haiti and Guatamala. Donations, volunteers and financial support help to provide meals, school supplies, and other hygiene necessities for children in these areas.
Church Unlimited supports Hospital Loma de Luz, a 40,000 square foot, 50-bed mission hospital. Loma de Luz cares for roughly 20,000 patients per year and performs 600 surgical procedures per year, taking referrals from Honduran physicians and nurses at Public Health facilities from all over Honduras.
Church Unlimited Westside Missions
Based in Corpus Christi, Texas, Church Unlimited serves surrounding communities with a thriving missions center, offering food, clothing and necessities to those in need. Additionally, Church Unlimited partners with the Coastal Bend Food Bank and Ronald McDonald House.
Hurricane Relief
In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Church Unlimited partnered with Operation Blessing to provide hurricane relief to those impacted by the storm. In the weeks following, Church Unlimited donated funds, supplies and volunteers to provide crisis relief to recovering coastal communities.

These stories detail a few of the thousands of lives that have been changed through your generosity at Church Unlimited.

Rome & Melyn
"In 2006, and again in 2010, Melyn was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was a business owner at the time, and we had two kids during the severe recession. It was hard having to explain to the kids "where God is in all this" and answer their questions. The church had the biggest impact on our lives during these times. Volunteers from the church delivered meals to help keep my family afloat..." Read More
Scott & Donna
"Scott and I have learned to be more thankful for all the ways God has blessed us. Church Unlimited keeps us focused on all the beautiful things God does for us, which leaves little room for complaining and much more room for joy. We’ve been able to learn through Pastor Bil’s messages and see God working in our lives long after leaving the doors of the church..." Read More
Blake & Monica
"Attending CU all these years not only helped to save my marriage, but it also helped to make my marriage what it is today, by the Grace of God. When Blake and I first got married, we were both non-believers. I became a Christian a year and a half later, but we did not become one in our faith in Christ until about 18 years into our marriage when Blake said yes to Jesus..." Read More
Chris & Tasha
"Time after time, Pastor Bil's message spoke to us. The messages seemed like they were made specifically for our lives. Many things started to change in us and we started desiring more of Jesus and less of our old life. Now we live a life blessed beyond our wildest dreams! The renewing of our marriage has to be the biggest blessing and everything else has been a result of obedience and us honoring the Lord..." Read More
"My whole life I felt like I was always alone, with no one to run to, rely on, or even ask for help. It came to the point where I was homeless for two weeks, parked behind a hotel with everything I owned in my truck with my dog. I got an ad for one of Pastor Bil’s messages and I knew it was for me. Through that week, I watched every video on the Church Unlimited YouTube channel, and it helped me realize that I’m not alone..." Read More
"Church Unlimited Stone Oak is the first church that I felt welcomed, loved, and excited to attend. Here I have a family that listens, cares, and notices when something is going on, and they reach out and remind me of Jesus’ love. Here at Church Unlimited, I am not alone. With my friend’s encouragement, I have decided to put worldly things aside and focus on my children and relationship with God..." Read More
Mike & Brenda
"When we found Church Unlimited, we were living in Spring, Texas. We knew we couldn’t give up on this incredible church we found, so for the next few years we made the drive just to attend church and see our church family. Since then, God has blessed us and we retired and have now moved to Rockport to be closer to our forever church. Since coming here, we’ve found that serving at Kids Unlimited and God Behind Bars brings us the most joy..." Read More
"Before I attended Church Unlimited I was dealing with feelings of rejection, anxiety, and doubt. I overall felt broken and lost. God worked through my struggles by surrounding me with community. I began attending church regularly, I started to serve, and also joined a LifeGroup. My Church Unlimited Online Community has helped me in many ways. I consider Church Unlimited to be family, and it’s because of you that I really understand God’s unending love..." Read More

Through new and existing partnerships we will increase our investment in local missions to better equip the life-changing work being done and to love our communities to the fullest.
Each Church Unlimited location comes from the generosity of someone before us. We’ll continue to pay that forward and build in new and existing communities to reach people who don’t know Christ and provide a new church home for families.
Many Kids Unlimited rooms have received a loving amount of wear and tear over many years of use. Repairs and updates allow us to continue investing in the next generation and provide safe and clean environments for your children.
Many of our locations are now several years old, surviving numerous storms, hurricanes, and freezes. Caring for our facilities as well as advancing the technology in needed areas allows us to continue to reach new families and continue to transform lives.
In 2020, reaching people in new ways became more important than ever with Church Unlimited Online becoming the primary way families attended service. With the constant advancement in technology we must keep investing in new ways to give families the best online experience possible. By extending our impact through Church Unlimited Online, the strategic use of social media, and traditional mediums, we’ll continue to meet people where they are and lead them to Christ.

There is no wrong way to give. It's not about the amount but the participation. Here are a few suggestions to help your generosity go further.

✓ Not sure how much to give? Consider a small gift of $25
✓ Become a regular giver and give $65 per week for 16 weeks
✓ Able to do more? Set an audacious goal to accelerate the vision

Life-changing stories happen every weekend at Church Unlimited and none of it would be possible without the generosity and sacrifice of countless individuals over the years. Let us know how your life, or the life of your family, has changed through Church Unlimited.

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