Church Unlimited Missions
Church Unlimited Missions
Church Unlimited's mission is simple: To take as many people to Heaven as we can before we die. Period. With this, we believe God has called us to reach all people for Christ, bringing hope and healing to the entire world. See how your support helps play a key role in bringing the hope and love of Jesus to every corner of the earth.
Local Missions

Church Unlimited hopes to change our city from the inside out by serving God's people right where they are. To do this, Church Unlimited Westside Missions location exists to meet the needs of the community and show the heart of Jesus where it is needed most.
Global Missions

Around the world, Church Unlimited is supporting people in crisis, fighting back against poverty, and spreading the message of Jesus Christ by planting churches and equipping ministries. Near and far, we believe the local church is called to create a global impact.
Prison Ministry

Only God can rebuild lives, so we've launched church campuses inside prisons across the state of Texas where we offer men and women dynamic live worship experiences, opportunities for recovery from addiction, resources for re-entry into society, and ongoing support after release.