​Before attending church, Chris and I were living a life of sin. We were lost. We hung out with the wrong people, at the wrong places, and doing all the wrong things. It wasn’t until a friend invited us to Church Unlimited. He took us straight from work to a Saturday night service. It moved something in us that we couldn’t get anywhere else. We wanted more of that feeling. We wanted more of Jesus.

Church Unlimited impacted in my children, who insisted we get up to take them back every Sunday. Their passion for learning about the Lord motivated us to stay consistent in attending church and even encouraged us to start serving and eventually join a LifeGroup.

Time after time, Pastor Bil’s message spoke to us. The messages seemed like they were made specifically for our lives. Many things started to change in us and we started desiring more of Jesus and less of our old life. Now we live a life blessed beyond our wildest dreams!

The renewing of our marriage has to be the biggest blessing and everything else has been a result of obedience and us honoring the Lord. We live with a different mindset than before. We don’t have it all figured out and we still face trials and troubles, but we serve a Lord who is loving, full of grace, and definitely has His hand on our family.

We have a family at Church Unlimited. We LifeGroup together, travel, celebrate and struggle together. We’ve raised our children in this church and are soon to marry one in the church. Our roots have grown deep here. Church Unlimited has been a tool used by God to save our family. We love Church Unlimited!