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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recruit people to join my LifeGroup?

  • Start with people you’re already connected with: co-workers, friends, neighbors, family members)
  • Find people around you who are new to the church, are new believers or who have expressed an interest in getting involved
  • Invite people you’re serving with in another ministry area or another volunteer organization
  • Look for people you think you can help realize their unlimited potential
  • Ask God to send the right people to your group


Where can I hold my LifeGroup?

We encourage LifeGroups to meet outside the church building in places you might normally hang out. Some of the most common places are homes, coffee shops, restaurants and parks.


Where can I find LifeGroup Curriculum?

We have a LifeGroup Content Team that partners with the LifeGroup Staff to create fresh curriculum every week. The new content is on the Talk It Over page.


Does my LifeGroup need to meet weekly?

In order to build great relationships, we’ve found that meeting weekly is the best way to go. And, of course, you and your group members are always welcome to meet more often outside the confines of the group setting for fun, fellowship and doing life together.


Does Church Unlimited provide childcare during LifeGroup time?

Each LifeGroup is welcome to explore childcare options that best meet the needs of the group members. Some groups have childcare held at the home of one of the members while the group meets elsewhere. Other groups have the kids hang out in another part of the house, although this can create distractions. It’s advisable to just discuss this with the group members to find a solution that works for the whole group.


How can I tell if group members are advancing in their walk with Christ?

This one is easy: Just ask them. Find ways to make this topic a regular part of your group rhythm, maybe once a month or so, and touch base with them right before the LifeGroup ends in May/June or, in the case of short term groups, in the final week.

Here are some potential conversation starters to get this topic rolling:

  1. How do you feel this LifeGroup has helped you grow closer to Christ?
  2. In what areas do you feel you’ve grown the most?
  3. What do you hope to achieve in your next LifeGroup?
  4. Are you fully participating in The U? (UAttend, UServe, UGroup, UTithe, UBring)
  5. Do you feel ready to lead your own LifeGroup?

Everyone in your group will begin and end in different places, so don’t set expectations that they should all grow the same. The goal is to make sure they all advance from where they were when they joined the LifeGroup. Once you’ve finished this conversation, it’s always helpful to offer a next step based on where they are spiritually.

Here are some potential next steps you can share depending on where the group member is spiritually:

  1. Invite them to attend service with you
  2. Share where you are and what God has been teaching you
  3. Invite them to get baptized and invite the rest of the LifeGroup to be there to cheer them on
  4. Share what your daily time with God looks like and how it helps you advance
  5. Encourage them to learn more about the areas where they feel they still need to learn such as serving, tithing, baptism, daily study, LifeGroup leadership and other subjects through the Church Unlimited message archive.


What do I say if someone asks a question I can’t answer?

The best answer when you don’t know the answer is “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” This shows the group member that you’re humble and sincere by admitting you don’t know either, and it shows them you’re willing to help by promising to find the answer for them. Let them know you’ll have the answer by the following week, if at all possible. It’s best to seek wise counsel as the Bible says, by first praying and asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom, then checking with your Community Leader or one of the Church Unlimited Pastors.


What should I do if someone in the group shares something with me privately that requires attention and care beyond what I’m capable of providing?

Should you encounter a crisis in your group involving a group member, always remember Church Unlimited is here for you and them. If it’s something that can be handled by rallying the LifeGroup around this member then by all means do so. If it requires professional care, counseling or crisis intervention, reach out to your Community Leader, LifeGroups Pastor or call the LifeGroup team at 361-993-5900, if needed.


How can I share stories of life change from my LifeGroup?

We love hearing about lives that are changed through LifeGroups. You can share stories from your group with your Community Leader/LifeGroups Pastor or submit them to: amen@churchunlimited.com

You can also share your stories on social media and tag #CULifeGroups.