​Church Unlimited Stone Oak is the first church that I felt welcomed, loved, and excited to attend. Here I have a family that listens, cares, and notices when something is going on, and they reach out and remind me of Jesus’ love. Here at Church Unlimited, I am not alone.

I thought people would judge me for my past, but instead, I found friends who offer me the grace that a relationship with Jesus provides. Through my walk with Christ, I have learned that I have value and worth. I know that I am where I should be. I have become a better mother and friend. For the first time in my life, I am not alone, and He has been here the whole time waiting for me. God never gave up on me, and neither has my church family. It’s not about who I was but who I am now that I have Christ in my life.

It’s all because of Church Unlimited that I’ve turned my life around. With my friend’s encouragement, I have decided to put worldly things aside and focus on my children and relationship with God. I’m growing in my walk with Christ alongside my children- we get to learn together. Church Unlimited has truly changed my life, and in turn, my children and I live a life I only had dreams of living.