​Blake and I have been attending Church Unlimited for 21 years now! I have fond memories of when we first started attending CU (then Bay Area Fellowship) with all 3 of our children at the Moose Lodge. At the time, our youngest was in a baby carrier, and now she is 21 years old. I remember I couldn’t wait to go to church every weekend, and I always wanted to be up there with my kids just helping out because it was such a positive, loving, joy-filled atmosphere. The people there were just the best – much the same as it is to this very day!

In my early 20’s, I started struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I truly believe that God used those trials to drive me into His arms because I was so terrified at the time. A mentor taught me to write down scriptures on index cards about peace, trusting God, not being anxious, and choosing to be fearless. I put these cards everywhere - in my home, in my purse, in my car. Every time I felt the fear and anxiety trying to overtake me, I would pull out one of these cards and read it out loud, meditate on what it meant to me, and memorize it over and over until I embedded it deep in my heart and mind. I started to experience that God’s Word is truly ALIVE and can heal you, deliver you, give you peace and joy like nothing else in this world.

Attending CU all these years not only helped to save my marriage, but it also helped to make my marriage what it is today, by the Grace of God. When Blake and I first got married, we were both nonbelievers. I became a Christian a year and a half later, but we did not become one in our faith in Christ until about 18 years into our marriage when Blake said yes to Jesus (finally!!).

Our friendships here at CU sharpened us and drew us closer to the Lord- friends that would encourage us, pray for us, and be the example we needed at that time in our lives. We continue to enjoy the friendships we have made here throughout the years. I praise God that today my marriage is all the things I prayed for and desired and waited on God for all those years – and by that, I don’t mean it’s a perfect marriage, but a marriage where God is truly at the Head of it. We’ve been married for 28 years now!

Attending Church Unlimited all these years has changed the whole direction of our lives. We’ve learned to love people well, walk alongside people, disciple them, and reach out and help people. The extravagant generosity that is taught is easily caught once you become a part of this church family. I always say Church Unlimited breeds leaders - it’s a leader breeder! We are eternally grateful to be a part of Church Unlimited – we don’t just consider it a place where we go to worship; we believe it to be a part of our family!