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Leadership Execution
What to Do When Opportunity Comes
Be Worth Following - Week 1
Dealing With Anger
How to Process Anger
I Need to Change - Week 3
The Brutal Truth About a Beautiful Family
How to Pray a Breakthrough Prayer
How to Deal With Unanswered Prayer
100 Hours of Prayer
Learning to Slow Down
How to Get God to Answer Your Prayer
How to Deal with Unanswered Prayers
Evidence of God
A Doubter's Guide to Easter
Final Conclusions
Debunking Evolution
Proof of Creation
New Year, New You
New Year, New Mindset
Don't Be Afraid
A New Year, a New Perspective
New Year, New You!
How to Deal With Unanswered Prayer
How to Deal with Unanswered Prayers
What to Do When God Says No
A Guide To Breaking Bad Habits
The Lure of Sex
The Lure of Money
The Lure of Power
Lures: The Struggle is Real
Repurpose Your Pain
How to Position Yourself for Purpose
Designed for More
Purpose in Trials
Finding a Purpose That Lasts
100 Hours of Prayer
Press into Your Purpose
How to Build Something Great
Born to Make an Impact - Week 2
Born for This
Developing a Passion for Jesus
Pass the Test
The Hidden Key to Real Discipleship
The Inner Circle
Maximize Your Impact
10 Reasons Why You Should Serve