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Turn Your Family Around
Turn Your Kids Around
Turn Your Marriage Around
Praying Over Your Family
Mind Monsters
Shame On You
Anxious For Nothing
How To Defeat Depression
Mind Monsters
You Are Not Alone
Play The Movie
You Are Not Alone
The Gospel
Time To Grow Up
Your Next Step - Get Baptized
The Gospel - Week 2
The Gospel - Week 1
Father’s Day
Father's Day 2021
The Faith of a Father
The 100 Year Promise
Father's Day 2017
A Father's Day Conversation
God Has Not Forgotten You
The Love Story of Boaz and Ruth - Pastor Dante Paiz
Everything Can Change
Mother's Day 2021
God Has Not Forgotten You - Week 1
Don’t Give Up
Play The Movie
Too Good To Not Believe
Don't Give Up - Week 1
Because of You
Because of You - Week 3
Because of You - Week 2
Because of You
Walking With Jesus
Sent Out
Walking With Jesus - Week 1