Over the past 25 years you have left an eternal legacy in our world. As we look ahead to the next 25, you have an opportunity to leave an even greater legacy. We invite you to join us by prayerfully considering giving an above-and-beyond offering. With our combined efforts, remaining average will not be our legacy as we take a bold step of faith to reach one million souls for Christ!
God has opened doors through local and global missions like we’ve never seen before. Because of you, 80,000 people have found Jesus over the last two years. Just imagine what God can do this year alone with an increased investment as we reach one million souls for Christ.
Over the course of the last 25 years of ministry, our buildings have experienced significant wear and tear. To leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren, it is crucial that we improve our facilities and upgrade our technology. We have a responsibility to keep pace with technological advancements to take new ground for the kingdom.
Consider how God has blessed you. Ask Him to lead you. Trust that He will provide. Pray how you can honor God with more than the tithe.
Fill out the commitment card provided and come prepared to give on Giving Sunday, May 7th.
Commit to a one-time gift on Giving Sunday or a recurring gift over the next 16 weeks.
Your gift can still earn a place on the Legacy Wall.
Don't know how much to give? Select a weekly amount to see your total over 16 weeks.

If you give ...

You will give $20 per month and $80 in 16 weeks.

"With God's help we will do mighty things."
Psalm 60:12 NLT