How to Download Your 2020 Giving Statement

  1. Login or create a uconnect account.
  2. Click "Give"
  3. Choose the "SCHEDULES / HISTORY" tab
  4. Click "Giving Statement"

Filter the statement by the following options:
  • Run for just yourself or for your whole family
  • Choose a date range
  • Choose only tax-deductible transactions, only non-deductible transactions, or both
  • Choose if you'd like to view pledges
  • Click Run Report

Reading Your Giving Statement

  1. A list of all transactions found within the date range set, including:
    • The date of the transaction
    • The type of transaction (check, cash, online, etc.) and check #, if applicable
    • Any memo notes for the transaction
    • The giving fund of the transaction
    • The amount of the gift
    • The tax-deductible status of a transaction
  2. Dates will include the range used for the statement and the actual date the statement was generated
  3. Unique identification number
  4. Tax-deductible & Non-deductible (if applicable) summary sections, by fund
  5. If included, a summary of your pledge balances
  6. Church Unlimited’s name and address
  7. Full name and address of donor(s)
  8. Church Unlimited’s Federal Tax ID number