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Review this week's message.

Key Thought:

To be a true disciple of Jesus you have to turn away from the enslavement of sin.

Key Quote

“Someone else is getting rich off your sin.” Pastor Bil Cornelius

Start talking. Find a conversation starter for your group.
  • If you could eat as much of any food (or drink) as you want without any negative impact on your health, what would it be?
  • Name a vice others have that you don’t just don’t get.
  • If you could be in any fictional universe what would you choose?
  • Where do people seem to be trapped today?

Start thinking. Ask a thoughtful question.
  • We are always going to be committed to Christ or a slave to sin. How does that mindset change how we should live?
  • What is the importance of remembering what God has brought you from? What are His intentions when He asks us not go back?
  • Name two ways our lives should look different from the world.
  • Why do we fall back into our previous bad habits and sin? What would prevent a fall back?

Start sharing. Choose questions that create openness.
  • Have you ever said “I’ll start tomorrow,” but never did it? Why didn’t you start?
  • What has God been teaching you during this time of isolation? How have you seen God work in your life this week?
  • What enslavement has God helped you overcome?
  • What is God calling you to leave behind? Where do you feel you’re enslaved?

Start praying. Be bold, and pray with power.

Dear Jesus, thank you for freeing us our sin. Help us to live lives of gratitude for what you have done as we share your love with others. In your name we pray, Amen.

Start doing. Commit to a step and live it out this week.
  • Life, especially a Christian life, is not meant to be done alone. That’s why we have LifeGroups! Through the power of the Holy Spirit past habits can be put to rest and we can walk into the new life God has for us. Talk to someone in your LifeGroup and ask them for accountability to keep bad habits in the past.
  • All throughout Scripture we see people creating false idols to worship. That has not changed even in 2020. Identify a false god in your life that is stealing attention from Jesus and surrender it to God. Ask your accountability partner to hold you to it.
  • If it is worth doing for God’s kingdom, it is worth doing today rather than putting it off to tomorrow. Determine what sin you need to set aside, and commit to walking away from that sin now. Determine what good and godly habit will replace that sin, and commit to doing it today, tomorrow, and the day after that.
  • As a LifeGroup, come up with an idea of how you can use your collective spare time to bless the community around you. Put that plan in motion this week and make a difference.


The Lord has already set the time for the plague to begin. He has declared that he will strike the land tomorrow.’” Exodus 9:5 NLT

Even then Pharaoh will refuse to listen to you. So I will bring down my fist on Egypt. Then I will rescue my forces—my people, the Israelites—from the land of Egypt with great acts of judgment. Exodus 7:4 NLT

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go back to Pharaoh and announce to him, ‘This is what the Lord says: Let my people go, so they can worship me. If you refuse to let them go, I will send a plague of frogs across your entire land. Exodus 8:1-2 NLT

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Pharaoh’s heart is stubborn, and he still refuses to let the people go. Exodus 7:14 NLT

Then Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and begged, “Plead with the Lord to take the frogs away from me and my people. I will let your people go, so they can offer sacrifices to the Lord.” “You set the time!” Moses replied. “Tell me when you want me to pray for you, your officials, and your people. Then you and your houses will be rid of the frogs. They will remain only in the Nile River.” “Do it tomorrow,” Pharaoh said. “All right,” Moses replied, “it will be as you have said. Then you will know that there is no one like the Lord our God. Exodus 8:8-10 NLT

On that night I will pass through the land of Egypt and strike down every firstborn son and firstborn male animal in the land of Egypt. I will execute judgment against all the gods of Egypt, for I am the Lord! But the blood on your doorposts will serve as a sign, marking the houses where you are staying. When I see the blood, I will pass over you. This plague of death will not touch you when I strike the land of Egypt. Exodus 12:12-13 NLT

The people of Israel had lived in Egypt for 430 years. Exodus 12:40 NLT

“Celebrate this Festival of Unleavened Bread, for it will remind you that I brought your forces out of the land of Egypt on this very day. This festival will be a permanent law for you; celebrate this day from generation to generation. Exodus 12:17 NLT

“And in the future, your children will ask you, ‘What does all this mean?’ Then you will tell them, ‘With the power of his mighty hand, the Lord brought us out of Egypt, the place of our slavery. Exodus 13:14 NLT

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony… Revelation 12:11 NAS

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