Cassie's Story
The night I asked Christ to come into my life was amazing. It was the first night of CU College and you could feel God's presence was in the room. I can't even tell you what really made me decide to do it. All I can remember is when the pastor told us to close our eyes and say the salvation prayer out loud, I did, and I believed it with my whole heart. Up until that night, every time I closed my eyes, no matter how bright the room was, it always felt pitch black.

But this time, I closed my eyes and it was like someone was shining a flashlight right in front of my face. When the pastor asked us to stand up and asked anyone who accepted Christ to go to the back of the room, I jumped up and walked straight to the back. I felt like a new person right then! I'm just so amazed how God's timing lined up everything so perfect.

One month later I was baptized. I’ve been serving in Kid’s Unlimited for two years and I continue to grow my relationship with Christ.

Join Us at CU College
CU College is a ministry for young adults ages 18-25 at Church Unlimited. We are committed to reaching the unchurched of our next generation and building the future. Come as you are!

Don’t Stay Silent!
Sharing your story is a simple and powerful way to tell people about Jesus. By talking about what Jesus has done for you, it’s like joining a conversation God is already having with them.

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