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Where does my Tithe Go?

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Where does my tithe go?
When you give to the church, one of your biggest questions might be: “What does Church Unlimited do with my money?” Rest assured, we never take ownership over any amount you give. We firmly believe that every dollar belongs to God, and our goal is to be good stewards of the resources we have been blessed with. At Church Unlimited, every last dollar has a purpose, and every purpose has a plan in place to create a maximum impact for Jesus.

Loving our Community
Church Unlimited actively pursues more ways to reach out to our immediate community. Church Unlimited's Westside Campus serves as a center for helping families and individuals who find it difficult to meet their basic, everyday needs through our haircut and food ministries. These ministries are open to the community every weekend, providing a warm meal and a smile or a haircut to those needing a hand up.
Our Westside Campus also opens its doors to those in need with our Closet of Hope program. Through this ministry, we provide clothing, shoes and necessities to individuals and families that would otherwise go without. Your support and donations help us fill our closets and give more so that families and individuals can have more.
Building God's Kingdom
Every day, there are countless individuals who die without knowing Jesus. To fight this tragedy, Church Unlimited opens brand new, state-of-the-art facilities in locations where we feel there is a strong need to reach people. The more people who fill the seats of our new location, the more people who want to see what Jesus can do in their lives through Church Unlimited.
Every Church Unlimited location is built with the intent to accommodate more people. When you give, your support will go towards building bigger and better facilities in more locations so we can be more effective in what we do. Getting more people through our doors is easier when we have more doors to go through!

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Making a Worldwide Impact
When you give to Church Unlimited, your dollars won’t stay within our community. Your financial support goes on to make a difference near and far through the non-profit organizations that Church Unlimited has partnered with.
The fight against human trafficking is one cause we actively support, helping individuals escape this horrible crime. Church Unlimited also supports an orphanage in Haiti, reaching orphans who have been abandoned or lost and need a place to call home.

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Supporting Sold-out Team Members
Church Unlimited is a non-profit organization, and all organizations need sold-out staff members in order to function at a high-level. Part of your financial support goes towards giving our best and brightest leaders a way to provide for their families and build a life upon the calling God has given them. Without the talent of these committed individuals, our church would not be able to grow and continue to function at a high-level.
Breakdown of Your Dollar

When you give to Church Unlimited, every dollar is faithfully utilized by our ministries in order to maximize our resources. The following is a simple breakdown of how each dollar given would be divided and sent to the different ministries in our church.

Out of each dollar given to Church Unlimited:

  • 21.68 cents supports local outreach and worldwide missions
  • 2.9 cents supports CU Students
  • 4.67 cents supports Kids Unlimited
  • 2.2 cents supports our Spiritual Development ministries
  • 20.66 cents supports our facilities
  • 13.62 cents supports Adult Ministry
  • 2.2 cents supports our Bookstore
  • 21.6 cents supports church administration

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