​Scott and I have been attending Church Unlimited since we met at Ella Barnes Elementary School in 1999. I used to be anxious about everything; worrying about work, our family, our finances, and every little thing life throws at me.

Building my relationship with Jesus has become the sweetest blessing to my mental health, and those things I used to worry about and let consume me no longer do. Through Church Unlimited, and diving deeper into God’s word, I’ve been able to remind myself that God is in control. Whatever I can’t handle, I’ve learned to give it to God and let Him cover the rest.

Scott and I have learned to be more thankful for all the ways God has blessed us. Church Unlimited keeps us focused on all the beautiful things God does for us, which leaves little room for complaining and much more room for joy. We’ve been able to learn through Pastor Bil’s messages and see God working in our lives long after leaving the doors of the church. From financial advice to relationship lessons; Church Unlimited tackles everyday life issues common to us all.

We’ve seen so much life change. We’ve celebrated so many new steps and welcomed so many new people into our lives. From the beginning, Church Unlimited has shaped our lives for the better.